Friday, 27 March 2015

Walking Alone in Darkness

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She walks alone
Smiling aglow
Oh, but you'll never know
The Secret she's silently keeping
Within her the darkness is sleeping
Significant toll that its taking
On an innocent soul that is breaking
Oh... How long can she hold?
She's not alone
Has a good home
Oh, but nobody knows
The secret she hides from her family
The darkness that lies in her memory
The fears that inspire anxiety
The tears that she's cried silently
Walking alone in the darkness
Oh... alone...
She's walking alone in the darkness
Oh... alone...
Oh... How long can she hold?
She walks alone
Nowhere to go
Oh, but within she roams
The deserts of sighs in a wasteland
In darkness she cries to her nightstand
She can't see the light in her own hand
As I stand by her side all alone and I know...


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